I present this fun and entertaining class for artist of all ages!
Students work through character designs and a finished illustration while learning solid cartoon drawing techniques. The class covers the foundations of cartooning and drawing, from constructing characters, line of action, and getting the proper proportions to designing appealing characters. 

Shape based cartoon drawing
Cartoon Character Construction
Drawing the head and facial expressions
Drawing Cartoon Hands
Drawing a balanced character
Line of Action and drawing a clear pose

LARGE GROUP DRAW ALONG:  I lead a group of students in drawing a Cartoon character of their choice. They draw exactly what I’m drawing and end up with a drawing of their own. I bring a large easel and pad, or projection system. 2nd grade and up is best for this activity and session takes 30 minutes to draw a character. 

A digital projector, an easel, a whiteboard or chalkboard. Students should have regular copy paper, and pencils and erasers to follow along with the drawing techniques.


 I can present at Summer Camps, Afterschool Programs or Company team building exercises for artist of all levels. 
Please contact me to schedule your next Cartoon Drawing Workshop. 

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